The vision of Eve2 is simple - it is to make churches, schools and community groups more beautiful, more fruitful, more fun and more connected to the people who use them by providing a one stop shop for all your design and print needs. No job is ever too small and no job is too tricky, too bespoke or too unusual.

Imagine if your organisation, your church, your school ... whoever you are ... just invested in a private workshop full of the latest printing technology and a store room full of every type of printable object, media or clothing. Imagine you had a designer sitting there waiting to serve you and workshop crew ready to print up anything you need. That's Eve2! Sign up with us and let us take the hard work out of your identity, marketing, clothing, merchandising, and general communication needs. 

We will keep your files on hand for as long as you want us to and be ready to print off that one extra t-shirt, or five more mugs, one more banner ... or to tweak that design with your branding on it. 

We will do all this while aiming to get you the best price possible either through our inhouse printing capabilities or through our trade partners. Come to Eve2 to manage the job for you and we'll get it done at a great price. 

Why the name Eve2?
We get asked this a lot, unsurprisingly. 

In the Bible it says that God created Adam and then looked for a suitable helper for him. None was found amongst the animals so God created a helper for him out of his side, a woman, called Eve. She was given to Adam for them to be fruitful together. 

Well, a little while later, there was this vicar with a background in website design and 18 years of parish ministry under his belt and a passion for seeing churches thrive and communicate effectively, so Eve2 was born out of that ministry and passion - a helper for today's churches, schools and community groups bringing new life and new vision for busy people doing amazing jobs up and down the country.